Tuesday, 13 June 2017

The Earth - where are we heading on to?


Years ago, I read a full page long article of  'prime concern' in a national newspaper on how our planet is gradually heating up due to certain inhumane activities but still the world is cold to deal with it.

Since decades, innumerate plans and goals have been set up to make the difference in the process of climate change by reducing harmful emissions and preserving our basic resources for life. Well, I wouldn't say they did not work at all, but the pace is really incomparable still.

And now just a few days ago, the headlines read - "Earth is losing its ice : Glaciers around the world are rapidly disappearing" We have been capturing the process of climate change in action since so long.. yeah, 'just capturing' !!!  The 'prime concern' of today has shifted particularly to the Thwaites and Pine island Glaciers region of West Antarctica, which contains about five metres of potential sea level rise. This region rests on a bedrock well below sea levels and is exposed to warm ocean waters at depth.

Many non - government organisations specialised in tours and travel plans come up with yearly expeditions and vacation plans to Antarctica for the sake of exploration and admiration of the natural beauty around the south pole of our planet. One advantage of visiting the place is that you will understand the real suffering of our only planet when you see it with your own eyes, and all this due to the inhumane activities by humans. The phytoplanktons that nourish the whole food chain there are being killed due to the ozone layer depletion. The concentrations of harmful gases like carbon dioxide and methane have been increasing at rates that have not been seen in the geologically recent past.

Travelling is in every person's wishlist - to the high altitudes in summers, and to the warm areas in winters. Some migrate to urban lands for the living, while some go just for exploration and experimentation. The population trends today suggest the basic cause of natural calamities is changing weather conditions in places, previously thought to be safe from such 'human' disease.

A few days back I paused for admiring the beauty of nature at the sunset point in main square of McLeo. The sun rays dipping into the natural curves of huge mountains was truly mesmerising. However, I couldn't stand at the point for another moment because of the increasing contamination of air by the odours of smoked cigarettes by people around there, especially the foreigners. I captured the view in my lens and walked off.

Not until when people at all levels take steps to prevent deteriorating our own planet, right from an individual to the government and organisational level with international collaborations and deal set-ups with common goals and objectives, the process of "creating the change" cannot be accomplished 'on time'.

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