Friday, 2 June 2017

The Border's line !!

So.. today I was traveling back home and I met an Army man accompanying me on the way.. here are some of his words that I want to share -

"Till the time when all the sectors, right from the central and state government to the individual level, working for development of our country don't work uniformly and with the same intent, we can't really make India stand at the top. For making peace with other nations, we have to first stop the inter-state wars and conflicts, that is mainly due to corrupt politics and ranging needs of people for basic resources and facilities. I am here for permanent training of 3 years and ever ready for military services at the border. My family is in Madhya Pradesh and I haven't yet seen the face of my only child who is 5 months old. If I can sacrifice my personal life for service to humanity and for the sake of development of our country, why can't you do a thing at your level? "
I hope you get the message 😊🙏

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