Thursday, 25 May 2017

My Life at 3am !!

Hello Readers :)

Sometimes, you don't sleep at all the whole night and just try to think what to do next in life, and make plans for the following day to spend time in productivity as much as possible.
In the midst of the darkest hours, your mind works the most with thought processes flooding the cavities inside while you are just staring at the walls of your room doing nothing, or scrolling through the walls of your social media feeds.
I don't know how but just in the middle of the night, the mind opens all its locked doors and windows to drain out the little secrets of life which were 'not supposed' to be exposed even to myself.
Subconsciously, I create and imagine the world which is not real, the people who are not fake, the conversations I take part in so perfectly, and I think of every single thing I want to do and every person I want to meet in my real life. And inside, from the depth of my heart I know that at this point of time, I expose the 'real' me to myself, so easily and fearlessly. Because at this time, I don't have to worry about any damn thing or anyone. I am listening only to my voice. No one else.. just no one. There is no external distraction that bothers me, instead the fumes of silence refreshen my soul and bring peace in the otherwise polluted air that surrounds me during the day.

I see the brightest lights of my life within, in midst of the darkest hours of this beautiful night. Yes, only at 3 am I am the true self. Only at 3 am I am clear about my future plans, about what I 'really' want to do further on. And so I gain the courage to par all the obstacles I come through. I realise the value of my life and how I can 'live' each second of it according to my own choices and needs, to paint my life with colors I never even thought of. Yes, I love my life at 3 am.

Thank you, 3 am for being with me every night :)


  1. Well nicely put into words...and kept it real..enjoying your blog☺️