Tuesday, 13 December 2016

One world family

It's amazing sometimes how you can end up being inspired from someone you have not met even once. In today's digital world where every person is connected with another through social networking sites and platforms, its amazing how you can win someone's heart 'online'. Well, yes it seems too impractical and immature but long- term chats and calls with someone sharing productive information to help each other in certain tasks (just like friends for benefits) can make you learn lots of lessons in life and interact with people no matter where in the world they are. Not to take it in the other way, I feel communication through online networks today has made the world "united". People have started crossing the borders of their comfort zones and take further steps to do more not just for themselves but for others and the whole world. Yes, the awareness projects in various fields have started showing positive results. For the betterment of self and for others. And I am sure with time we, the humans will reach our ultimate goals of being united again and make our planet, the "ONE WORLD FAMILY". :)